•ATTENTION: we are on HOLIDAY time and recommend ordering in advance! You will NOT be receiving your order in our regular 2-3 week turnaround. Please plan accordingly. ALSO: granite bearding is OUT OF STOCK & not coming back. Anything pictured with granite beards will receive a sterling beard in its place. We are doing everything we can to retake photos & update all listings in a timely manner•

Ready To Ship CHRISTMAS PLAID Gnomes

Ready To Ship CHRISTMAS PLAID Gnomes

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•ABSOLUTELY NO REQUESTS! WE PICK! If you do not like surprises, these are NOT the gnomes for you! Pictured is an example of what you May receive but we are not limited to what is in this photo. 

Enjoy free shipping on 3+ ready to ship gnomes with code: READYTOSHIP

This code MUST be entered at check out. We will NOT refund the discount. We will only offer cancelations to try again, but that will re release your RTS gnomes back to the site and another customer may be able to purchase them before you do.

This code is ONLY for the ready to ship gnomes. If this code is used incorrectly, your order will be canceled and refunded without warning.

Do NOT order non RTS gnomes with these gnomes. Your non RTS gnomes will be canceled. These gnomes will ship Monday (11/23/20) therefore ONLY RTS gnomes can be on your order. •