•ATTENTION: we are on HOLIDAY time and recommend ordering in advance! You will NOT be receiving your order in our regular 2-3 week turnaround. Please plan accordingly. ALSO: granite bearding is OUT OF STOCK & not coming back. Anything pictured with granite beards will receive a sterling beard in its place. We are doing everything we can to retake photos & update all listings in a timely manner•


Hello there! You must be new. Here at Me&Mama we focus on holidays two seasons ahead, as we are very popular & often unexpectedly flooded with orders for new items! Our Halloween/Fall season is now over. We are focusing on CHRISTMAS right now! We recommend ordering your items 8 weeks in advance of when you would like to have them in your possession. NO, that does not mean we have an 8 week turnaround but we are NOT a ready made shop and during peak seasons (holidays), it can take 5+ weeks to receive your cuties, which is no big deal if you buy in advance. But if it’s October 1st and you’re just now ordering a Frankie or Witch, you missed the boat sister, and you’ll just barely be receiving them by Halloween. For rush order options, please email eryn@shopmeandmama.com

•Please note that all Halloween gnomes that are pictured with a GRANITE beard, will come with our new dark grey beard that is replacing granite•

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