Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Eryn and I've owned this shop for over 3 years now. It started when my first son was born and I wanted leather moccasins, so I learned to make them and boom! Very quickly I was in business. The name of my shop honors my relationship with my own Mama. I've always wanted to do everything like her (ok maybe not always, but I eventually come around!) and for a couple years we both made and sold baby clothes from the instagram page I created. Well, Mama is retired now and a VERY busy Grammy to 7 grandkids, mother of 4 and wife to her favorite person in the world, which doesn't leave much time for sewing. She makes the occasional celeb appearance and because she's my favorite lady ever, the name stays. She lives 2 hours north of us so I have 3 assistants (plus my husband) who come work in my shop everyday. My hubs stuffs EVERY single gnome (he's the only one who does it right) and my peoples (as I call them), flutter around my shop being my extra arms. Every single gnome you receive was made with love and the utmost attention to detail. Quality control is SO very important to me which is why I am involved in very single step of our process. Feel free to contact me with questions or to request custom gnomes. My desire is to create something magical for you. Happy days! Xoxo - ER